Taking my knowledge & respect for nature & infusing it with my love for art created the ultimate passion, Virgo Organics, A Beautiful & Healthy Lifestyle. 

Hello! My name is Alexandra Pollett and I'm the owner & creator of Virgo Organics, and I have some important things I'd like to share with the world, or whomever is listening. ;)

Okay, so this is me! On a GOOD day, one where I actually had the time & energy to put make up on!

And here I am last year holding up our VERY 1st banner! WHOOOHOOOO!

I was SUPER exshausted, and also trying to hide the fact that I felt horribly sick too. Aka...a "bad day"...

So, why do I bring up having good days & bad days? Well...it's because I live with an autoimmune disorder called Lupus (SLE). For those of you who know what Lupus is, then you know what I mean when I say" it's the pits". We have "good days" and we also have really "BAD days". I also have Celiacs Disease and Raynaud's Syndrome, which all came pilling on top of me, after a severe case of viral meningitis, along with the birth of my first child. But before I go any further into this, I would like to start with my beginning...    

I believe my passion for herbal healing started back when I was a young child. I was always very social & loved all sorts of things. Spending time with my pets, my family, dancing, sports, and watching my mother create her artwork, but my favorite thing to do was just "being" outdoors. Hiking, sightseeing, collecting different plants and herbs, "discovering" is what I would call it. I would spend most of my time sitting in our backyard or staring out the window, just listening to the wind blow through the trees, watching each movement of the grass sway back and forth, maybe follow a passing bird flying by. My eyes & ears were always wide open, and it's those peaceful moments in the countryside, that move me most. Mother Nature simply captivates me, she takes my breath away and often I find myself lost for words with all the beauty that surrounds us. As a teenager, I became very interested in photography as well. This brought a whole new view of the world that I had yet to see. To this day, both the outside world and photography continues to create a Zen like calmness in me, one that I may never truly understand. What REALLY strikes my interest, is how nature provides us with such amazing gifts, literally EVERYWHERE! But more importantly, it’s the idea of what we, mankind, can do with these gifts, that truly inspires me. Finding the CURE, a purpose, "the reason"... is what I hope to achieve.     

Like I mentioned earlier, I live with multiple auto immune disorders, that all developed after a severe case of Meningitis that almost took my life when I was 19 years old. The connection between my autoimmune disorders is unknown, though even today my doctors have still not found a treatment that is safe for me to take to suppress these issues. However, I have thrived off of my own remedies, including a daily intake of Holy Basil & Turmeric Extract, along with my Pain Relieving Salve and herbal bath tea as needed. I continue to shock my doctors & specialists by doing things I shouldn’t be able to still do physically. Like dance in shows for hours on end with girls half my age (and weight). Herbal medicine is REAL people, and switching your skin care products, along with your diet, is a major KEY! Your skin drinks everything that you put onto it, so it’s JUST as important to think about what you're putting ONTO your body, as what you’re putting INTO it. Virgo Organics Guarantees Gluten Free (among other things) for good reason, one being that I can NOT work with such chemicals, and two, everyone deserves to have healthy alternatives and quality products as well. I am very passionate about what should and should NOT be in our skin care products. I actually take it personal when companies are not honest about their ingredients, like CLAIMING to be all natural, yet choosing to add Formaldehyde-releasers, parabens and other cancer causers into their formulations. It breaks my heart knowing that people are trying to change their lifestyle, and yet companies are STILL choosing to sneak these ingredients in anyhow. This has personally happened to my family and I WAY TOO many times, and so I began a mission to learn how to make quality products, without the harmful chemicals included. Illnesses are popping up left and right, and people seem to be younger and younger now who are becoming effected. I had to do something... 

When I was 18 years old, my Aunt started showing signs of dementia. She was only 49 years old. She came out to stay with me to help me recover from meningitis when I was 19, and she "confessed" to me then what her doctor had diagnosed her with. She was my best friend, my second mom, my "person". It was heartbreaking news to say the least. Her & I made a pact, that I would take care of her in my home when she could no longer "do it" on her own. Three years later, she moved into my apartment where I learned to take on one of the hardest things I have ever taken on in my life. I was a young single mother of a beautiful baby boy, and now, was caring for my Aunt who was mentally declining, and fast. About 5 years later, my Aunt and my Mother (sisters) were both diagnosed with breast cancer around the same time. I think I went into shock when I heard the news. Dementia was bad enough! NOW CANCER TOO?!!! After the initial shock wore off, I got angry, like so angry that I almost lost faith in everything. This just couldn't be happening... 

But it's not in my nature to give up, so I channeled that anger into passion and used what I knew already about herbs & Essential Oils, and I hit the books BIGTIME. All I did was research, formulate, and test for the next few years. I dedicated my life from that moment on, and this is why I do what I do today. I'm telling you, please hear me...everyone needs to start paying attention to the chemical additives that are in their skin care products, in make-up, toothpaste, deodorant, cleaning supplies, etc. It's a nightmare to say the least. Let's go back to way things used to be, when it was simple and pure. Our ancestors knew how to gather supplies from nature to solve a problem, and so can we. And yeah, this may mean our products can't live under the bathroom sink for years on end, so we will have to shop more often. And yes, buying organic may cost a little more, but it's worth it! My Aunt and Mom grew up on a farm where pesticides were used, trust me, it’s not a coincidence that they both were diagnosed with breast cancer the same year. Companies can't profit by selling these harmful products anymore, if we STOP buying from them, right? They can't poision us and our children, if WE don't let them. Our ancestors had it right, it's time for some good old fashion understanding for what mother nature can truly DO for us...and please, for what we can do for her as well. I want to say that I am SO PROUD of everyone who has already been living a healthier lifestyle. And nobody is perfect, so I'm not going to judge you if you have "vices". But, I've met a lot of people these past few years who have either "made the switch" awhile ago,or is just starting off, or is interested in learning how...and it makes me so HAPPY! It's wonderful to see our "community" growing together with the same goal! Love one another and lets's get back to what nature had intended all along!


We use ONLY certified organic herbs & oils, so not only will you be receiving the finest quality ingredients possible, you'll be making an investment towards a healthier YOU.

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My Aunt was able to beat her breast cancer while she was in her late stages of dementia, however, on November of 2015, she lost her life to her unfortunate 15-year battle with the unforgiveable disease. She passed away in our home, with myself, my husband and our children by her side.

Letting go was hard, but I know she remains with me in spirit each and every day, cheering me on as my fellow Virgo, my best friend, and my inspiration to never give up.  

My mother, a courageously brave woman who lost her sister & mother, but did NOT lose her battle to cancer, YEP that’s right! She's a  S-U-R-V-I-V-O-R, alive and doing well! To this day, she remains one of my biggest supporters & my very 1st and favorite customers.  

Virgo Organics was born out of love the day that my Aunt passed away. Out of love for her, love for my Mother, love for my children, and for love for ALL of you as well! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. If people are requesting healthier alternatives, or needing a problem solved, the more I will continue my research and fight to bring some real solutions your way. There may not be profit in the cure, but there is soul, honesty, love, and respect for one another's well-being... and THAT'S what matters most.  

Thank You for reading.


Alexandra Pollett (owner)

Virgo Organics