7 Day Spell Candle For Wealth, Prosperity Luck, Abundance, Success, and Joy / Soy Wax / Charged Crystals / Pagan / Wiccan / Hoodoo / Ritual

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Wealth & Prosperity Spell Candle
By Virgo Organics
Artistry & Nature Combined


Hand Crafted w/ Positive Energy, Love, and light!

Wealth • Prosperity • Abundance • Success • Happiness

All items are cleansed & charged in my sacred space. Each candle is poured one at a time so I can focus solely on you!

Wealth and prosperity spell candles are intended to help you announced to the universe your needs and desires for improving your financial status.
They work by focusing on inspiring change, success, and growth through the manipulation of energy to manifest open doors for opportunities around you.

From start to finish, this candle is amazing to watch burn. It reminds me of looking down into the ocean water, but instead of finding seashells, you'll see beautiful crystals, organic herbs, eco glitter that's glistening like the night sky. This makes for truly a magical moment!

💚 100% Soy Wax, with a Cotton-Lead Free wick

💚 Scent: Blood Orange

🌿💚 Organic Herbal Toppings specifically chosen for wealth, prosperity, success, abundance, and happiness:

*Orris Root
*Blood Orange
*Holy Basil
*Devil's Bush Root
*Comfrey Root

💚🔮 Crystal Toppings:

American Turquoise
Black Obsidian Moon Emerald
Green Jade
Green Adventurine

Green glitter is added to the top of the candle, and a penny is at the bottom of your candle. Remember to "pick it up" for good luck when your candle is done!

💚 Size Options:

*12 oz Glass Jar (3" diameter, 4" tall)
*Burn Time is Approx 108 hours!!
~ 21 oz Glass Jar with Lid (3" diameter, 6.25" tall)
~ Burn Time is approx. 192 hours!!!
🦋 New Money Spell Mini's!
(Aka ~ Tea Lights)
These make amazing gifts for yourself or for a loved one!

***** Each Magickal Mini Set Includes:

~ 4 tea light candles
(burn time is 5-6 hrs each).
~ 1 mystery tumbled stone (approx. 1") OR a Black Obsidian moon.

~ 1 white organza bag (3x4). Perfect for storing smaller crystals in!

~ 1 silver $100 charm
(styles vary between pentacles and moons). If you have a preference please mention this at check out.

~~~ Special Keepsakes ~~~
When your candle is done, you can carefully remove the crystals with tweezers or a spoon. Rinse them off in warm water to remove the wax. This particular candle also comes with a black obsidian moon! (Perfect for wire wrapping!)

Wealth can mean something different to everyone, and it can change at different points in your life. Whether you are working toward a monetary goal, or defining it more broadly as a state of abundance and prosperity, these are all powerful crystals that can support you and your goals. Each of these crystals for wealth work in different ways, but they will all have a similar effect of attracting wealth, prosperity and success into your life. By addressing different aspects of your financial life and energetic state of being, the stones help you to tap into your full potential and reach your goals.

How crystals work:

Crystals are messengers of the Universe. They record your intentions and deliver them out to the Universe.
Crystals are naturally structured to conduct energy. They bring back the wisdom and answers you need to complete your goals.

💚 American Turquoise:
Turquoise is a soft and gentle truth seeker. It invites you to plunge beneath the surface and to figure out what is working for you and what isn’t. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed as it doesn’t do this in a pushy way but rather eases you in by giving you courage, strength, and a calmness of mind. It is a stone of communication, both with others and with our own selves. Welcome turquoise into your home or office and let its water energy flow into every corner. In Feng Shui, Turquoise is known for attracting wealth and energy meaning that it's great to place it in the office if you want to up your game.

💚 Black Obsidian is a stone of psychic protection and creates a shield around the aura. By keeping you powerfully grounded to Mother Earth, Black Obsidian creates a safe space for us to work through emotional issues or strengthen our psyche. With a direct connection to earth, We can rid ourselves of destructive or excess energies by focusing that energy down into the earth where it can be absorbed and neutralized. 

💚 Green Adventurine:
Aventurine is one of the best money crystals because it is considered to be especially lucky when you are manifesting wealth. It is also the stone of opportunity, opening doors to new possibilities for you to be successful, especially in the financial realm. Working with this stone also empowers you to create your own luck, and reminds you to stay open to new chances to be lucky.  You never know when opportunities present themselves, but with this crystal by your side, your luck will lead you in the right direction.

💚 Pyrite:
If you find yourself feeling like you’re not worthy of abundance, the crystal ally for you is Pyrite. It looks just like gold, and shimmers with rich, luxurious energy. Simply looking at this stone fills you with an energy of abundance. This is one of the most popular crystals for money because it is known to remedy financial hardship and attract wealth. It supports your financial journey by filling you with confidence and a stronger sense of self-worth so you can become a magnet for wealth. Through these properties, Pyrite fosters wealth in both subtle and larger ways.

💚 Citrine:
When the negative money mind chatter begins to creep in, there’s no better crystal to turn to than Citrine. Citrine is the light maker and the ultimate wealth crystal for manifestation. When you want to manifest more wealth and abundance, shift your mindset by bringing in the light with Citrine, a powerful crystal for money. It helps you to open yourself up to embrace a more positive mindset. Citrine is one of the best crystals for abundance because it raises your vibration. When you are operating at a higher frequency, you can achieve your intentions faster. The energy of light that radiates from this stone also supports your intentions in a similar manner.

💚 Jade:
If you’re thinking of starting a new business or project, and you need to plan for financial longevity, Jade is the crystal to turn to. Jade is not that quick fix crystal for wealth. It’s that crystal that reminds you to stay wise, remain consistent and keep working towards your prosperity goals.
Since ancient times, Jade has been one of the most recognized crystals for prosperity, wisdom and harmony. It is considered an extremely lucky stone and can promote the flow of prosperity and abundance into our lives.

💚 Emerald:
Emerald is a stone of great vision and intuition, associated with the eyes and sight, long believed to foretell future events and reveal one’s truths. It is a stone of wisdom, enhancing memory and increasing mental clarity. It combines intelligence with discernment, and brings to the conscious mind what is unconsciously known. Emerald also increases focus and intent, activating psychic abilities and opening clairvoyance. Traditionally it was used as a protection against enchantment and spells. 

*Note: These are natural gemstones, expect variance in color pattern and size.
All crystals are Ethically sourced.

*12 oz Glass Jar (3" diameter, 4" tall)

*Burn Time is Approx 108 hours.

How to use your spell candle:

When: during a wanning moon or new moon

Where: Your alter or somewhere you feel comfortable.

Cleanse/purify your space. You can cleanse with Sage, Palo Santo, or whatever feels right to you.

Write a letter on a small piece of paper explaining why you want to attract more money, or if it's for a different form of wealth or success ...follow the same steps to explain what you're looking to achieve.

For convenience, I added a money sigil and the words to be spoken onto the candle label.

Meditate for at least 20 minutes on your intentions to charge the candle.

Repeat the words I've added to the label (or anything you've written)
and light the candle. Continue to focus on your energy within. Visualize your goal, what you want to achieve. Once you have a solid vision, hold it. If you feel like meditating for longer than 20 minutes, please do! Not only is this good for your your health, but it's also good for your mind, and spirit. Anything positive and uplifting can help to open doors to opportunity.

Extinguish the candle.

Repeat these steps for the next 6 days. Now your candle may last more than 7 days, so feel free to extend how many you feel like adding. if you don't feel like adding any more you can save the candle for later if you ever need to focus on money wealth success and so forth again.
* Spell candles are meant for spiritual use. These candles do not offer any cure, treatment, nor can I guarantee any magickal outcome.

* Sometimes money spells require extra time to weave together their magick. Remember to be patient and to never give up on the magick within you. 🤍

🕯️ Important Candle Burning Information:

* When you light your candle for the first time, allow it to burn for 2-3 hours. This will create an optimum melt pool, and it's the melt pool that allows the wick to throw the candles fragrance. This will also lengthen the life of your candle and use as much of the wax as possible. Wax has a memory, so you want to burn your candle so the melted wax spreads all the way out to the edge of your container. That way, when you burn your candle the next time, it will remember to melt all the way out to the sides.

* Always trim the wick to 1/4" prior to lighting. If you notice any smoking or flickering while burning your candle (or black marks on the sides of the jar), this means the wick needs to be trimmed. Snuff the candle out, allow the wax to fully harden, and trim the wick down to 1/4".

* Do not allow wick trimmings to accumulate in wax pool.

* Do not burn your candle unattended, near anything that can catch fire, children, or pets.

* Do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time.

* Discontinue use when 1/4 of the wax is left.

* If a crystal or botanical migrates too close to the wick causing the candle to not burn properly, use tweezers, a wooden stick, or a spoon to remove the crystal. Rinse in warm water to remove the wax.
The crystals are excellent for wire wrapping, especially the black obsidian moon. This provides another way of carrying your spell along with you. Or you can keep your crystals in your pocket or purse, or place inside of a cash register, etc.

Virgo Organics uses ONLY certified organic herbs & oils, so not only will you be receiving the finest quality ingredients possible, you'll be making an investment towards a healthier YOU.


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