Organic Fem Care Soap / Gluten Free / Vegan / Soy Free / Dye Free / Sensitive Care / Tackle Unwanted Odor & Balance Good Bacteria, Naturally


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*****Feminine Care Bar Soap
By Virgo Organics
Artistry & Nature Combined

Our Feminine Care Bar Soap was specifically designed for woman and sensitive areas, to balance and neutralize bacteria, dryness, replenish good bacteria, and to maintain oder. HOWEVER, continue reading on to see why this is not just beneficial for women to use.

* Made w/ ALL Organic Oils
* Gluten Free
* Vegan
* Clean & Smooth
* Healthy Skin
* Dye Free
* Soy Free
* Each bar weighs approx.
4 oz

There are MANY uses for our Feminine Care Bar Soap.. it's not just for lady parts! 

What else does it do??
Our soap also deodorizes stinky feet, armpits, & does not discriminate between gender, age, or any stinky body part ūüėČ.. Truthfully, everyone can benefit,¬†and here's why...

(The Ingredients Work):

‚ú®Tea Tree Oil:
 Tea tree oil contains a number of compounds, including terpinen-4-ol, that have been shown to kill certain bacteria, viruses and fungi. 

‚ú®Lavender Oil:
Lavender has antifungal properties and reduces inflammation, it can help keep eczema at bay. Lavender oil can also be used to treat psoriasis & cleanse your skin to lessen redness and irritation. 

‚ú®Rose Oil:
 As a beauty oil, rose essential oil is unsurpassed, helping and healing every skin type. Rose is astringent, has skin-toning properties, and is cooling and soothing for sensitive skin.

✨Dead Sea Salt: 
Salt has antiseptic qualities, and when applied to the skin it may help kill bacteria and reduce inflammation along with any itching and pain associated with bacterial-related 
skin disease. This has been very beneficial for those who struggle with eczema and psoriasis, Which can really take place even and the most delicate of places. We mixed the salt into the formula during the heat phase so it will not be exfoliating, However the minerals and components salt is what we were looking for for this particular formula.

 ✨Joboba oil: 
Jojoba oil contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties. While lab tests found that jojoba oil doesn't kill all bacterial or fungal species, it does kill certain bacteria and fungi that can cause salmonella, an E. coli infection, and candida. Candida is a common overgrowth of bacteria and yeast that can cause discomfort & unwanted body odor. Jojoba oil helps fight against that.

✨Coconut oil: Coconut oil is a popular natural option for relieving vaginal dryness, along with other areas of the body. This counteracts dryness from soap, without the need to apply lotion afterwards. If you're using it specifically for feminine purposes you would understand why after cleansing our private parts, that applying lotion afterwards would not be the best idea. However if you do feel dry and itchy you can always apply natural aloe gel as a after bath moisturizer.

✨Aloe vera: 
Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer. Many people find that aloe vera gel can hydrate and soothe eczema-damaged skin. Treatments aim to keep the skin hydrated, reduce inflammation, and prevent skin infections.

✨Natural deodorant additive: 
This helps by replacing good bacteria that bad bacteria has overrun. This works along with the floral oils in Naturalizing and balancing odor.

*The combination of these ingredients are a power house when it comes to its purpose, However the purpose is not to smell strong or to force your PH or bacteria to be rebalanced immediately. It's gentle and it's very lightly scented with organic essential oils. Essential oils are not like fragrance, it doesn't take many drops of essential oil for them to do their "magic". And the good news, our soap is gentle enough for daily use and can be used all over the body, even on the face.

Virgo Organics uses ONLY certified organic herbs & oils, so not only will you be receiving the finest quality ingredients possible, you'll be making an investment towards a healthier YOU.

Quick Turnaround Time
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Certified Organic Ingredients
Top Quality & Fresh Ingredients
Fair Trade
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Made In a Clean Environment
Sterilized Equipment and Bottling
Extra Care and Attention To Detail

>>> Getting the most use out of your soap bar?

‚ÄĘ Drying Time. The more thoroughly a soap bar can dry out between uses, the longer it will last.
‚ÄĘ Water Quality. Softer water usually makes your soap last longer because the soap lathers more quickly so you don't have to rub it as much.
‚ÄĘ Bathing Habits. A person who uses a washcloth, sea sponge, or a different lathering aid will use less soap than one who rubs the soap directly over the skin.
‚ÄĘ Number of Users. If multiple people are using the soap throughout the day, it will not have as much time to dry out between uses.

* If you'd like to extend the life of your soap bars, here are a few things you can try:

‚ÄĘ Buy soap ahead of time. If you keep a small stash of soap, you can let it continue to cure. Soap will actually get better as it ages, but the scent may start to fade around a year.
‚ÄĘ Cut your bars. If you carefully cut your bars in half (or already buy them as half bars), you can take a smaller piece into the shower with you. This way only half of the bar gets wet at a time.
‚ÄĘ Let your soap dry out. Make sure to use a soap saver or soap dish so that your soap can dry out between uses. Don't allow your soap to sit in a puddle of water or let the shower pour down on it.

>>> Don't worry when your soap runs out, we've got more when you need it! :)

Need a soap saver dish to keep your soap lasting longer, we have a few! Here's a link to one just in case it's needed ūüėä

Visit ur Shop For More Organic Goodies! ūüėä

For the ladies ONLY ūüėČ...

Ok,¬†Let's be honest ladies, when our vaginas are angry, so are we.¬†There¬†are a multitude of reasons¬†why our pH or bacteria can be thrown off... causing one unhappy vagina. The number one cause is vaginitis, though it's best to visit a doctor to find out what's going on¬†if¬†you're struggling¬†with severe symptoms,¬†itchiness, rash,¬†foul¬†order and/or discharge..but there are a few tricks that you can try at home too,¬†naturally (besides¬†just our amazing soap) ūüĆŅ

Try soaking in a warm bath using only Epsom or Sea salt, and a few drops of lavender and/or tea tree oil. We do sell organic essential oils and in smaller (more personal amounts) so they're not gone to waste due to oxidation. We do offer scented sea salt that's great for the bath, but I could do a combination of different salts and use specific essential oils and have them already absorbed into the salt, ready for you to drop into the bath. The typical amount is 16 oz, but if you want to use it more often, then I can work with you for bulk amounts as well. Not only is it wonderful to soak in general, but it also helps other skin issues, promotes healthy circulation, and relaxes muscles as well. Definitely something everyone should do from time to time.

When using soap, please remember NOT to allow it to enter the vagina, and make sure to rinse well. Yes, our feminine care soap is formulated to restore natural balance and control order, but like all soap, it's meant for external use only. 

Avoid douching. This can cause worsening symptoms. It's best to not use tampons as well. Pads do the trick and a more natural "catch" than inserting something that allows internal absorption.

If you use panty liners often, give yourself a little break from time to time. Make sure to wear cotton underwear as it is most breathable, and if possible, sleep without any underwear and allow yourself to air out. Sounds funny, but it's true! Our vaginas need some fresh air once in a while. 

This is an obvious one.. but stay clean by showering often. I'm not saying you have to wash your hair everyday (as we know that's not good for the PH of our hair) but in certain environments or activities, we may get really sweaty and it's best to rinse off the best we can. If we swim in a swimming pool, also make sure to rinse/shower afterwards. When you're very irritated, rinsing with pure water can be just as beneficial. 

This goes along with the cotton underwear comment, wearing very tight clothing often and not allowing any breathing to take place, that too can cause vaginitis or worsening symptoms. I'm not saying you can't dress up and look your best, but just remember that we do need to take breaks with the material we choose & to be mindful of what our bodies need too.

It also might be time to change your laundry detergent. Commercial detergent is terrible on our skin, even the stuff that says "gentle".. So I recommend¬†really checking the ingredients. That alone¬†can cause many "not so fun" itchy days. I mean if you think about it,¬†you're drying with the towels, you're sleeping on the sheets, you're wearing the clothes, all washed with the detergent you have. Homemade laundry detergent is SUPER EASY TO MAKE TOO. ūüôĆ

All you need is..
- 3 cups SFIC Bar Soap (Shredded, a cheese grater works great)
- 3 cups Borax
- 3 cups Washing Soda
- 1.5 cups OxiClean Powder
- Add a little of your favorite essential oil, or leave non-scented.

Then mix that all up and store in an airtight container. Make sure to use safety precautions when you're shredding soap as it is slippery, so please don't cut yourself. Where gloves when mixing the ingredients & make sure to be in a ventilated area.

Lastly, remember that it's not something to be embarrassed about. It happens to women, &¬†all different ages, for all kinds of different reasons..menstrual cycles, aging,¬†hormones, stress, medications, clothing, eczema, psoriasis, multiple sex partners, STIs, douching, tampons..and sometimes¬†it can even be about our diet, or just be something we're given genetically. It's¬†best to get checked out by a doctor so that you know the root cause,¬†but now you know some easy steps that you can take at home that may help lessen¬†your chances, symptoms, or even allow¬†for¬†some¬†natural self-healing to take place. ūüĆĻ

This information has not been evaluated by FDA and is not intended to cure or treat any illnesses.
Copyright 2021 Virgo Organics and Alexandra Pollett Photography All Rights Reserved.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    General Care Instructions

    Virgo Organics skin care and herbal products contain organic ingredients and should be stored in a cool, dry environment & away from direct sunlight until ready to use. We also advise that you use your product by the expiration date located on your product's packaging ad/or as directed on the product listing.

    Can I get a custom or personalized order?

    Absolutely! We can definitely help out with custom/personalized orders. Virgo Organics is stocked full of WONDERFUL products that would be fitting for weddings, birthdays, business events, anniversaries or any other special occasion. Since we make all labels and products in house, we can work together to ensure you receive the perfect gift for your special day & REALLY make it a memorable one as well. Contact me to work out the details. ūüĆĽ

    Do you sell wholesale?

    Yes, some of our products are available for wholesale. Please contact me to further discuss the matter. Thank you!

    Do you infuse our own herbal oils & extracts?

    Yes! ūüĆŅ All of our herbal infusions are done in-house. ALL ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE AND NON-GMO. That's why our products are like no others. The time and care that goes into EACH and every product is extremely important to us! We hope you enjoy! :)

    Shipping Costs & Time Frame?

    COST: We understand that shipping charges can be somewhat of a hassle but we do our best to be as fair as possible with the going rates that we are provided with.

    TURNAROUND TIME: It generally takes us 4-6 days for processing. If for any reason we predict a longer wait, we will contact you right away.

    ***May 2020 update:
    Due to COVID-19 safety measures, orders are taking longer to process. Thank you for your patience! ‚̧ԳŹ

    How to keep my soap bar lasting longer?

    ‚ÄĘ The more thoroughly a soap bar can dry out between uses, the longer it will last. Make sure to use a soap saver or soap dish so that your soap can dry out between uses. Don't allow your soap to sit in a puddle of water or let the shower pour down on it. For soap saver trays and pouches, please visit our shop.

    ‚ÄĘ Softer water usually makes your soap last longer because the soap lathers more quickly so you don't have to rub it as much.

    ‚ÄĘ A person who uses a washcloth, sea sponge, or a different lathering aid will use less soap than one who rubs the soap directly over the skin.

    Do you use nut oils?

    Yes we do. PLEASE contact me if you have ANY questions or need a certain product made without certain ingredients & I will do my best to accommodate you.

    Here is a list of oils & butters used by Virgo Organics that may fall under the peanut or tree nut allergy list:

    - Kukui Nut Oil
    - Macadamia Nut Oil
    - Sweet Almond Oil
    - Hazelnut Oil
    - Coconut Oil
    - Shea Butter
    - Aragon Oil
    - Mango Butter
    - Kukum Butter

    I see that all your products are gluten free, but are your products Celiac approved?

    Absolutely! I myself have Celiac Disease and fully understand the importance of a gluten free lifestyle. So whether you just have a sensitivity to gluten or you have Celiac Disease, you'll be safe buying Virgo Organics.

    Why do you list your skin care products as being gluten free? Isn't that just a food allergy?

    No, it's much more than just a food allergy. People who have a gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease, should avoid gluten in ALL products, this includes your skin care, make up, hair care and personal care products.
    If you or anyone you know has Celiac Disease or a Gluten allergy, please refrain from using ANY product that contains gluten.

    Do you offer a discount for purchasing bulk soap bars?

    Yes we do! We realize that it is economically wise to purchase bars in bulk. For that reason, we offer 10% off for 10 - 50 bars, for larger quantities please contact us. Please use code BULKSOAP10 at checkout. Be advised that only one promo code can be used at a time.

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