Sacred Smudging Sets / Large Abalone + Stand / Cleansing / Relieve Stress and Anxiety / Optional Crystals, Soy Tea Light Candles & More!

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***** Sacred Smudging Kits
By Virgo Organics
Artistry & Nature Combined

Each part of the smudge kit and the smudging process signifies one of the four elements, that when used, evokes the fifth energy. 🤍

🌊 The shell represents WATER
🌿 The unlit herbs and/or sacred woods and ashes represents the EARTH
🕯️ The lit herb represents the FIRE
🌬️ The smoke represents the AIR

These sets are meant to purify and cleanse your sacred space. I charge and cleanse each item prior to sending them out. Keep reading to choose your perfect spiritual alignment set!

Set #1 Includes:

(1) Abalone Shell
~ Approx. 3"-4"
(1) 4" Hand Carved Wooden Tripod
(3) Palo Santo Sticks
(Approx. 4")
Set #2 Includes:

(1) Abalone Shell
~ Approx. 6"-6.5"
(1) 6" Hand Carved Wooden Stand
(1) White Sage Smudge Stick (Approx. 4")
(1) Sweetgrass (approx. 3"-4")
(1) Natural Turkey Feather. *If you'd prefer not to have the feather, please send us a message at check out, we will add a Palo Santo stick instead!
(1) Small bag of Pink Himalayan Salt. (Enough to fill the bottom of the shell bowl to keep it protected while you smudge).
🤍 Special additions are available to include with either set, see details below!

🌿 One Raw Crystal Chunk or Clear Quartz Point (approx 1-2") The current stones we have available will be listed in the drop down menu. 🤍

🌿 A set of 4 Sacred Smudge Tea Light Candles (made from pure soy wax).

Each Set Includes:
*4 tea light candles of your choice (see below)
*1 mystery tumbled stone (approx. 1")
*1 white Organza bag (perfect to collect crystal chips or to carry stones or other small items in)
*1 silver tree of life (or leaf charm) wrapped with natural cord around each tealight box set.
*1 connection ritual

***Please note that you will have to leave a message at checkout in regards to which style of tea candles you want. If this is left blank then I will randomly choose for you.
Each candle is hand made by yours truly, with crystal ships infused into each one. Made with organic essential oils and botanicals.
When your candle is done burning, you can carefully remove the crystal chips with tweezers or small spoon, then rinse your crystals in warm water to remove the wax for special keepsakes!

(Tea light Combo Choices):

#1 Dried Sage, Palo Santo, & Clear Quartz Chips.
Scent: White Sage & Palo Santo

#2 Jasmine Flowers & Moonstone Chips.
Scent: Jasmine Mint

#3 Sunflower Petals & Citrine
Scent: Orange Blossom

#4 Rosemary Leaf & Green Adventurine
Scent: Rosemary & Lavender

#5 Blue Cornflower Petals & Lapis lazuli
Scent: Nag Champa

#6 Lavender Buds & Amethyst
Scent: Lavender

#7 Rose Petals & Rose Quartz
Scent: Rose

#8 Sweet Grass & Moss Agate
Scent: Vanilla

#9 Cinnamon Powder & Petrified Wood
Scent: Cinnamon

#10 Eucalyptus leaf & Aquamarine
Scent: Eucalyptus Spearmint

#11 Peppermint leaf & Peridot
Scent: Peppermint

#12 Sandalwood Powder & Carnelian
Scent: Nag Champa

#13 Mugwort (Black Sage) & Golden Obsidian
Scent: White sage

#14 Cedarwood & Tiger eye
Scent: Cedarwood & Pine

#15 Dragon's Blood & Garnet
Scent: Dragon's Blood

#16 Hojari Frankincense & Myrrh with Amber
Scent: Frankincense & Myrrh
Continue reading on important smudging information and tips! 🤍🌿

🌿 All of Virgo Organics oils herbs, flowers, woods, and botanicals, are ethically soursed and harvested under strict guidelines to protect the trees and crops form over harvesting. Our Peruvian Palo Santo comes from fallen branches and twigs. Most of our herbs and flowers are organically homegrown, those that we sourse for, we ensure everything is fair trade, organically grown, and follows strict guidelines to protect our precious gifts we've been blessed with by Mother Nature. This is the same for the Abalone shell. We only purchase from fisherman in small villages who utilize the animal for food. The waters in which they fish are under strick guidelines to ensure there is no over harvesting of these beautiful abalone shells, and of course, that nothing goes to waste.
Our Turkey feathers are collected from birds that have died from natural causes, not for sport. We strongly believe in cruelty free living, all across the board.
The "Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing" is a powerful Native American cleansing technique. It is a ritual to remove negativity. Smoke attaches itself to the negative energy and removes it to another space. Cleansing is the word traditionally used, but you can think of it as a shift in energy from any bits of negativity to a more positive, peaceful state. Smudging can be used to cleanse an object, a place, or your spirit, mind or body. Native Americans often use smudging in association with other ceremonies.

Contemporary uses includes purifying a new vehicle, your work area or a room or dwelling before moving in; purifying a sacred object such as stone, book, or for self-cleansing before meditation, prayer or sleep. Herbs are burned in a small bowl or a shell, such as an abalone shell. The shell represents water, a gift from the ocean. The smoke is distributed with a feather, a gift from our winged friends. However you can also use your hand to "push" the smoke.

White Sage:
For ritual smudging, white sage is known to driving out negativity and to promote healing. The scent is also shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance clarity and concentration.

Palo Santo:
For ritual smudging that welcomes creativity, love, and good fortune into your space. The wood can help brighten energy and promote feelings of positivity and joy. The scent is also shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance clarity and concentration.

Sweetgrass braids smolder and doesn't produce an open flame when burned. Just as the sweet scent of this natural grass is attractive and pleasing to people, so is it attractive to good spirits. Sweetgrass is often burned at the beginning of a prayer or ceremony to attract positive energies, some also believe that Sweetgrass is used for blessing after sage has been used as well. Another interesting and useful purpose for sweetgrass, is once your home has been cleansed with Sage or Palo Santo, you can hang the sweetgrass above your doorway to keep negativity from returning to the home.

>>> Smudging Tips <<<

Before you begin, be sure the area is well ventilated because the smoke, carrying the negative energy, must have an escape route.

Take normal precautions to prevent an unwanted fire, such as placing your smudge shell on a non-combustible surface.

Gather your smudge kit and a means to light the herbs. Long wooden matches are the best because a candle can add dripping wax to the process. Lighters are a tad out of character, but of course can be used.

Light the sage, allow only a few seconds with the flame appearing before you put the herb out so it will smolder and smoke.
Before you smudge another person, an object or a place, you should smudge yourself. You can do this by bringing the smoke to you and rolling it in swirls over your head, shoulders and around your body. Send the smoke away with the feather.

For lighting Palo Santo, I've found it helpful to allow the tip to burn a little longer under a flame, 10 seconds should be enough. Then set your stick at a 45° angle while it's smoldering. Crystals are a useful to prop up the Palo Santo at a 45 degree angle while it releases at sacred fragrance.

When smudging a place, such as a room or car, pay homage to the cardinal directions which include the east, west, north, south, up and down.

When you are finished smudging, extinguish sweetgrass by damping the braid against the shell. For sage, extinguish in the pink salt placed inside your shell.

To do a blessing of a person, begin by looking into the eyes of the person for a moment to 'greet' them, fan the smoke first at their heart and then up to the right side (your left) of the person's head, moving around clockwise (sun-wise), gently washing them with the smoke. Continue brushing smoke down over their left shoulder and the length of their arm and back up again to the shoulder. Wash the smoke down the left side of the torso, left leg and foot. Now smudge the right foot, up the left leg, torso and down the length of the right arm and back up to the shoulder. Now turn the person around, turning to their right (sun-wise again) and repeat these movements as you smudge and bless the person's back. For objects, bless them moving sun-wise around them also.

Virgo Organics uses ONLY certified organic herbs & oils, so not only will you be receiving the finest quality ingredients possible, you'll be making an investment towards a healthier YOU.

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Fair Trade
Made In a Clean Environment
Sterilized Equipment and Bottling
Extra Care and Attention To Detail

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    This abalone shell and hand-carved wooden tripod stand are absolutely adorable! I love the iridescence of the shell I received- it’s got flashes of light blue, pink, along with a little green and yellow. I really appreciate how the seller did their best to accommodate my request in shell color. The abalone shell is gorgeous! The palo santo sticks smell so pleasant. Will have to learn how to use them and do smudging. Hands down, I am so happy with this set. If you’re thinking about purchasing this set, you won’t be disappointed. Again, thank you! <3

    I absolutely love mine. I asked 4 a green abalone & that's exactly what I got. Its gorgeous. This is probably the 5th time I've ordered 4rm this shop. Everytime it's better than the last

    The shell for the smudge kit was absolutely gorgeous. The pictures do not do it justice!

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